James Powell, founder of Medicine Man Pharmacy, qualified as a pharmacist in 1985.

James' vision for pharmacy was beyond the high street dispensary. He believed pharmacists should be more patient centric, working in an environment where there is opportunity to get to the heart of a patients' needs in a time of crisis. Medicine Man allows pharmacists to demonstrate and use knowledge that is not always required in a standard pharmacy and provides the opportunity to educate patients on medicines.

Pharmacy has always been the most easily accessible healthcare profession. You don’t need to make an appointment to see a pharmacist therefore we should look to use this platform to promote our services and the medicines that we supply.

In 1999, Medicine Man Pharmacy started providing it's services at horse trials, music festivals, motor sport events, air shows and county shows. 2019 is our 20th anniversary year and we are proud to have attended almost 300 events from Cornwall to Scotland, offering our pharmacy support and advice to the general public.

James Powell

James Powell, Founder